There is eternity to blush in
Suddenly, no, at last--

→ Mar 2013 "‘Wrong!’ he shouted. ‘I’ve got plenty of courage, as much as you!… Only, if you want the whole truth… everything, absolutely everything, disgusts me and turns my stomach! Not just you!… Everything!… And love most of all!… Yours as much as anybody else’s!… The sentimental tripe you dish out… Want me to tell you what I think of it? I think it’s like making love in the shithouse! Do you get me now?… All the sentiment you trot out to make me stick with you hits me like an insult, if you want to know… And to make it worse, you don’t even realize it, you’re the one that’s rotten because you don’t understand!… You’re satisfied repeating the rubbish other people say… You think it makes sense… People have told you there’s nothing better than love, they’ve told you it’ll go down with everybody, everywhere and always, and that’s good enough for you… Well, I say fuck their love!… You hear?… Their putrid love doesn’t go down with me… not any more!… you’ve missed the train… You’re too late! It won’t go down any more, and that’s that!… What a stupid thing to get steamed up about!… Why do you have to make love, considering all the things that are happening?… All the things we see around us!… Or are you blind?… More likely you just don’t give a damn! You wallow in sentiment when you’re a worse brute than anybody… You want to eat rotten meat?… With love sauce?… Does that help it down?… Not with Me!… If you don’t smell anything, it’s your hard luck! Maybe your nose is stuffed up! if it doesn’t disgust you, it’s because you’re stupid, the whole lot of you… You want to know what it is that comes between you and me?… All right, I’ll tell you! A whole life is what comes between you and me… Isn’t that enough for you?" — Louis-Ferdinand Céline - from Journey to the End of the Night
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